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      Best of the Bay

2007 Best of the Bay “Future Classic”
San Francisco Magazine

“The Urban Green is anything but garden-variety. It features a potting bar where you can match organic soils, pots, and green stuff that will survive for weeks without TLC, and it hosts a number of gardening workshops, like the make-it-yourself tabletop fountain..."

Natural Beauty, Modern Design for the Home,”
by Laura Thomas, San Francisco Chronicle

Play with Dirt! Business Gets Creative with Natural Needs,”
by Francine Brevetti, Oakland Tribune

Shop Talk,”
by Mary Lee Shalvoy, The East Bay Monthly

Oh, Grow Up,”
by Stephanie Simons, Daily Candy


The Urban Green was a certified Green Business upon opening.

The last operating day for The Urban Green was Sunday, September 2, and we are grateful for the extraordinary enthusiasm and loyalty we’ve enjoyed from our customers since our opening last year. As an independent, sustainable and green-certified business, we’re heartened to see the tremendous growth in activism, consumer demand and public programs directed toward building a green urban ecology – and the business opportunities that will eventually result. While we missed the mark on market timing, it’s clear that change is coming as we organize ourselves, our families and our communities to preserve and protect the ecosystem that supports us.

Enough about us and our ideas – let’s talk about you. What we learned without question or exception is that we live among some of the most inspiring and dedicated people in the world. For every scarily accurate documentary, scientific finding and news report you read about the challenges we face in our urban communities, please know there are people dedicated to meeting those challenges and leaving a better world than we find today, and those people are your neighbors, friends and family members. Those people are you, and you make a difference with every can you recycle, rooftop garden you plant, letter to the editor you send and dollar you spend in your local economy. You can and do change the world, and we’ve been thrilled to help you do it.

With great affection –

Susan and Team

Comments left in store and on site from 8/30/07 - 9/2/07:

Susan Morrow, founder of The Urban Green, is a pioneer. She is what we need to lead us back to enjoying nature and creating aesthetic surroundings. With The Urban Green, Susan brought a breath of fresh air to stale retail and reminded us that we are not merely consumers dictated by the marketers. We are human beings who care about others and the environment, and we want to learn again how to live in harmony with all beings and the planet. Susan was rekindling that yearning in each of the customers who walked through her doors. Susan was the first retail shop owner to really walk her talk--bringing us a store that was more than a store. Rather, The Urban Green was a place where the founder and her team walked their talk for social and environmental justice--by building her shop with sustainable and renewable materials; by using best practices to recruit, train and retain staff; by providing goods made with Fair Trade practices; and teaching customers how to create lovely decorations and accessorize our homes and workplaces. Susan was the only shopkeeper who sold organic roses! Above all, Susan and her team were always honest, professional, courteous, helpful and friendly. We will miss this special place in the heart of North Berkeley and hope that Susan returns with a concept that is ahead of its time--we need leaders like her who think outside of our boxes!
-- Barbara Chan

Waaaah! I am amazed at how much I came to enjoy stopping by, using my imagination, and borrowing the great creativity of the staff here. Your shop will be sorely missed! You guys had class and preciousness…come back someday!
-- Neil and Deborah

This world would be a much better place if we had more Susan Morrows in it. We hope your concerns for our environment and all creatures large and small is contagious and you continue to "plant " your ideas and enthusiasm down the next exciting path you take. (Be sure to use organic potting soil.)
-- Larry & Betty C

Oh, NO! Just found out about The Urban Green! What a loss to Berkeley, the Bay area...and selfishly, to me! I LOVE YOUR STORE! Everything about it is so unique, so fantastic! My hope was that Susan Morrow would have her own TV show - she is truly a remarkable young woman, beautiful and brainy and charming! Godspeed to your next great achievement...whatever that may be.
-- Clayton M.

I am super sad to see you go. This was my favorite store! L
-- Elena

The Urban Green is such an incredibly beautiful store, I am just crushed to hear that your doors are closing! Every single well thought detail created such a truly enchanting space, unparalleled. Your green dedication was realized with such exciting, fun, funky and fabulous products. It is so disheartening that an innovative business with laudable ideals wasn’t able to develop and mature as planned. I imagine that closing The Urban Green must be heartbreaking for all involved, but I urge that you embrace the success of building something so extraordinary for so many of us to enjoy and following your dreams. A gigantic accomplishment that should not be deflated by business practicalities. I’m not sure what direction Susan will go next but I will bet my best sparkly purse stuffed with dollars and a slice of cool key lime pie that it will be fresh and phenomenal. Best wishes to all of The Urban Green super staff in your future endeavors!!!
-- Kate

I would have loved to spend money in this store. I just moved here and you are a serious loss for me.
-- Julia

Susan, I am so sad to see this truly wonderful store go…Just by walking in the door, I would feel relaxed & in harmony with myself. I thank you so much for attempting such an unsuspected and original idea. I wish you well in your next endeavor.
-- Yvonne K.

I'm so disappointed your business didn't succeed--disappointed and surprised! My flower arranging buddies and I thought we'd hit pay dirt when we found Urban Green. You have all the unique containers, grasses, dried materials--at least unique ones--we need for our flower arranging competition in Garden Club of America! Woe is me, where will we go? I wish you luck and success in whatever you decide to do and if it's anything like this store. please keep me posted--I'll be there.
-- Jackie Davis

Susan Morrow is an inspiration to us all! Her enthusiasm is contagious and I have no doubt that she will continue to make a positive impact on everyone that she encounters in her life. (Just reading the other comments on this web site is proof positive of that!) Keep smiling, Susan! And, remember that there are many people out here that love you!
-- Karen Hills

Susan and staff: This closure breaks my heart. Everything here is so beautiful, creative, useful and earth friendly. I will miss you so much! I hope you’ll try again as people become more concerned about our beautiful blue and green planet! The best of everything to you all!
-- Stephanie W.

Finally a decent, beautiful eco-store and unfortunately you have to close. You will be missed. Good luck on your future beautiful endeavors!
-- Anon

To Susan and all of your wonderful helpers: Thank you and many blessings for your next step in life. I am sad to see you go!. Thank you.
-- D.H. Rose

Hello, I’ve only been in here once and I’m sorry I didn’t get in here sooner! We *need* more stores like this! Well done, and good luck.
-- Anon

"If I were required to guess off-hand, and without collusion with higher minds, what is the bottom cause of the amazing material and intellectual advancement of the last fifty years, I should guess that it was the modern-born and previously non-existent disposition on the part of men and women to believe that a new idea can have value." - Mark Twain. Susan, it's always been magic how you can take new ideas and turn them into reality - an inspiration. True innovation is hard work and takes more than a little luck. Can't wait to hear about your ideas and adventures to come.
-- Ed & Shirley & Mac & Sam

Susan, I am so sorry this store is closing. It was a great concept and I’d hoped the risk would make it. The people were always friendly and I always enjoyed poking around to see what was new. Thanks for trying to make this work and for letting us know what was possible.
-- Julie P.

I’m so sorry that you’re closing. I will never forget the time I brought in very different containers, and Susan helped me find the perfect dried flowers for each. Thank you!
-- Anon

We are so sorry to see a place of such heart and true vision close, we hope the courage and determination that you brought to it still remain, for these are precious things and make the world a better place - take care
-- Jen and John

You have shown other people what they can do with other people’s trash and I will miss you guys—especially Bella! I just wish more people would recycle old boxes, folders, wooden baskets instead of throwing them in the trash. (ps—remember water can be made dirty by what we throw into it. If you don’t want trash in your home, don’t throw it (meaning trash) into someone else’s home! Recycle.
-- Lisa

Susan and staff: You have filled our home and our friends and families with beautiful material gifts. We will miss you, but remember you!
-- Ilana

We are going to miss you. Hope you open another store soon! Too bad we were not able take the cubes.
-- E.D.K.

Thank you so much for all of the beauty!
-- Anon

We are so sad that you’re going. We love your store. Good luck, good luck…you’ve got *great* style.
-- Wendy & Brandon

Please take your beautiful vision wherever you go. You brighten our dog walks daily.
-- Amy and George

Loved to be here!
-- Sudlish

Beautiful concept…sorry to see you go.
-- Susan B.

You Rock! We’re *so* sad that you’re closing. Please find another space!
-- Kat

Wonderful things!
-- Anon

Hi Susan! Your creations are gorgeous—love your flower arrangements and all the art you’ve designed…I love the gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog! Best wishes in your next adventure!
-- Lori

Susan and staff, you have filled our home and our friends and family with beautiful natural gifts. We will miss you but remember you!
-- Katya

I am heartbroken…we love coming to look at your store.
-- Kristine

How Upsetting - Just when I had gotten used to Bella giving me a good sniff when I came in to find something truly unsuual, artistic and appropriate for my pad, or for my friends. Everyone in the store made customers seem like family, and your caring attitudes were a refreshing change from the many sales outlets that look down their nose at customers who really don't know what they want to buy. I will see you next weekend for sure.... Best of luck to all of you!
-- Ed Porch

Susan, You are an inspiration of heart and taste. And I thank you! Please stay in touch.
-- Alice A.

We loved your store! The place was so unique…great items and personnel. Bella was a lot of fun, too! Take care!
-- Lily, Dave and Maureen

What an amazing store!
-- Alex

You will be missed. Best wishes!
-- Franz

Absolutely beautiful! I hope so much that you open again one day. And I’ll definitely come to wherever you open next. Good luck!
-- Inna G.

Good luck with all of your future endeavors! We’ll be looking forward to the next plan!
-- Anon

I love this store!!! I am soooo sad that you are closing. I wish you the best in the future! Love ya!
-- Vivian and daughter

So sorry you are leaving! This was a great concept. I’ll miss you
-- Lori

You have brought beauty to the world- your store always a delight to experience. I wish you the best of luck in the next chapter of your life
-- Jackie R

This is a great store. I’ll be sad to see it close!!
-- Troy

I am so sad you are leaving – you have such a lovely philosophy of life.
-- Philippa

Your concept was just ahead of its time!
-- Elly

Such a gorgeous store! Ah – educating the public can be hard. May you take your talent to another location that will serve you better!
-- Jim and Penny

Pooh! We’ll miss you!
-- Deborah

I’ll miss you, too! You and your staff are awesome and I loved chatting and all the gorgeous things – please take care.
-- Noriko

Your energy and ideas will be missed here. Is there another concept that yours will mesh with so that you and another entrepreneur can leverage each other’s energy and customer base?
-- Bob and Jan

Your products, service and the love you put into everything made shopping here a loving pleasure. You’ll be missed.
-- Paul

Susan, you are an inspiration of heart and taste, and I thank you. Please stay in touch.
-- Alice


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